Un château
du val de loire

The Team The Story of a passion

In the land of Rabelais, the humanist, the worth of men is known.

Christophe Baudry and Jean-Martin Dutour, wine-growers in Chinon, have devoted themselves to preserving this terroir and restoring the image and grandeur of the Château de La Grille.


Christophe BAUDRY, is the son and grandson of wine-growers. In Cravant-les-Côteaux, he represents the sixth generation of wine-growers in his family. Jean-Martin DUTOUR is passionate about wine. He came to Chinon after graduating in Agricultural Engineering and Oenology.

In 2003, in Chinon, they became partners and founded the Maison BAUDRY-DUTOUR to combine their skills.

BAUDRY-DUTOUR took over the ownership of Château de La Grille in 2009.

A terroir

Under the soil, a yellow tufa foundation. In the winter, subject to the rains, the tufa soaks up the water like a sponge and slowly releases it during the summer. The vines push their roots far down into the ground ready to contend with the seasons.

On the surface, a slightly clayey, chalky sand. A light soil which warms quickly as the winter ends allowing the vine to bud.

More than a terroir, a treasure.


Made by Humankind for Humankind, wine does not exist in the wild.

It needs work, care, skill. Wine is an unparalled human product.

RABELAIS, born and bred in Chinon, was right …


Beyond the sustainable approach undertaken for the last 15 years, the label “HVE” validates our results in terms of biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy and the management of fertilization. HVE is the highest level of environmental certification in France, it is controlled by the State.

Tillage, bio-protection, methods inspired by permaculture, this certification recognizes our reliability and the care we take to make sure that our way of working is sustainable and preserves this special environment to which we so proudly lay claim.